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Shinryeong Kim

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Jewellery Artist

Sometimes, when I gaze continuously at a certain place, I see a virtual space. It's the moment when the familiar streets and buildings suddenly appear strangely different. The things I once knew become unfamiliar. I also sometimes fall into the illusion of entering a never-ending cycle, like a Möbius strip. I've always been fascinated by such phenomena.

Where does this visual experience come from? Why does it feel this way?

Are the things I see the same as what others see? Is what I'm seeing correct?


My work is based on the premise that "what we see may differ from the fundamental, tangible form that exists." It's a process of visually demonstrating the contradictions that arise between what we see and what actually exists. Interpreting the information that comes through our vision is highly experiential and subjective. Therefore, in most cases, it results in contradictions, and we cannot even claim that what I see and what others see are entirely the same. To prove the contradictions arising from vision, I refrain from involving color and focus on simply observing forms, using geometric shapes. Geometric forms are relatively clear and can accurately describe appearances, and with such descriptions alone, everyone can think of the same form of appearance. Therefore, they help us perceive the difference between what exists and what is seen more clearly.

I hope that viewers also see my artwork through my perspective. I hope they find answers to the questions I pose through the artwork. I hope these questions persist as ongoing inquiries rather than ending as momentary amusement.


2004  MFA in Metals & Jewelry, Kookmin University, Seoul, S. Korea

2000  BFA in Metals & Jewelry, Kookmin University, Seoul, S. Korea

Selected Awards

2021  Winner, Metalwork and Jewelry Award of the Year, Yoolizzy Craft Museum/Metalwork and Jewelry Award Operating Committee, S. Korea

2018  27th Legnica International Jewellery Competition ILLUSION finalist, Legnica, Poland

2008 Zeroone spot 2008 support program award finalist, Seoul, South Korea

2007 International Craft Exhibition ITAMI - Jewelry

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