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Siat Gallery is a prestigious destination dedicated to showcasing exceptional crafts, with a specialization in contemporary art jewelry, representing talented Korean artists. Derived from the word "seed" in Korean, Siat Gallery embodies the belief that every masterpiece begins as a tiny seed of inspiration, ready to grow and bloom into remarkable works of art. Siat Gallery is a place where the seeds of creativity are sown, nurtured, and brought to life.


Founded in 2019 by Jeannie H. Lee, Siat Gallery is currently based in Seoul, South Korea, serving as a dynamic hub where exquisite craftsmanship meets contemporary design. Siat Gallery takes great pride in curating exhibitions for Korean artists to showcase their unique perspectives and artistic visions. We are committed to fostering their growth and promoting their creations to a global audience. 


In addition to our gallery exhibitions, Siat Gallery actively participates in renowned art fairs and events around the world. By engaging in these international platforms, we strive to create opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, enriching the global art landscape and promoting the rich artistic traditions of South Korea.

Founder Jeannie H. Lee


Biography of Jeannie H. Lee 

2018 – Federation of European Education in Gemmology (FEEG), Paris, France

            Certified European Gemmologist

2018 – Institut National de Gemmologie (ING), Paris, France

            Certified French Gemmologist

2017 – Ecole EAC, Paris, France

            Master 2, Luxury and Heritage Management 

2016 – Ecole EAC, Paris, France

            Master 1, Art, Culture, and Luxury Management

2013 – Rhode Island School of Design, RI, USA

            BFA in Jewelry + Metals

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