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Jaesun Won

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Jewellery artist

My work involves collecting and analyzing images of cityscapes filled with buildings and the intricate network of roads that weave through them. I then abstractly express these concepts through the use of lines. The primary technique for formal representation entails a repetitive interplay of filling and emptying lines, geometrically constructing spaces between them to create a sense of three-dimensionality.

Throughout this process, I place a specific emphasis on the variations found in the metal surfaces. These surfaces are known for their robust properties, and I enhance them by incorporating materials such as silk, synthetic thread, and cotton thread onto the metal wires, which possess their unique strength.

This enhancement is achieved through the coiling technique, where I meticulously wrap thread around the metal surface, transcending the chromatic constraints of metal. This technique allows me to showcase both the strength and flexibility of the lines within a context of restrained simplicity.


2022 Ph.D. IT Design Convergence, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea

2008 MFA Metalcrafts & Jewelry, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

2004 BA Metal Craft, Konkuk University, S. Korea

Major Permanent Collections

2020 Pureun Culture Foundation

Selected Awards

2023 Metalwork and Jewelry Award of the Year, Yoolizzy Craft Museum/ 

          Metalwork and Jewelry Award Operating Committee, Winner, S. Korea

2021 The 12th Cheongu International Craft Biennale, Special Prize, S. Korea

2019 The 9th International Jewelry Design, Bronze Prize, S. Korea

2010 Niche Awards, Grand Prize, Philadelphia, USA

2006 Tiffany Foundation Award, Grand Prize, Rochester, USA 

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