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SIAT GALLERY new space opening exhibition

Expanding Horizons

05 - 16 September 2023

Siat Gallery

81 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, S. Korea

gray blue gentle simple natural motivational sea horizon phone wallpaper (1080 × 1528 px).

In celebration of Siat Gallery's new gallery space, "Expanding Horizons" heralds the commencement of a new voyage for the gallery. We cordially invite you to step into an exhilarating and dynamic realm of exploration that awaits on the horizon.


With a collective of 13 contemporary jewelry and crafts artists, this exhibition provides a sneak peek into the inventive and imaginative artistic domain of the participating creators. These artists will also be prominently featured in Siat Gallery's upcoming international exhibitions and fairs scheduled until next spring.


We aspire that this exhibition will broaden the artistic vistas of all who visit, granting them a glimpse into the distinctive and imaginative worlds crafted by our featured artists.

Participating Artists: 

Kim, Sooyeon

Kim, Shin-ryeong

Kim, Yongjoo

Kim, Junghoo

Kim, Junsu

Kim, Heejoo

Park, Sungyeol

Park, Joo Hyung

Shin, Healim

Won, Jaesun

Lee, Namkyung

Lim, Jongseok

Chi, Youngji

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