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Art Jewelry Group Exhibition

<Yeonliji: Two Becoming One> 

10 - 23 December 2021


35-32 Tongui-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea


This exhibition is directed and hosted by Pureun Culture Foundation, and sponsored by Seoul City and  Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. Siat Gallery participated in the exhibition as part of the curation team. 

The word Yeonliji appears in the poem Chang Hen Ge (Song of Everlasting Regret) by the Chinese poet Bai Juyi, which retells the love story between Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty and Yang Guifei. Yeonliji in its definition means the phenomenon in which the trunks or branches of two distinct trees grow together, and it often symbolizes true love or a happily married couple.


Marriage is a starting point where two loved ones promise to spend their lives together. Through marriage, two different people with different backgrounds, personalities and values connect and live in harmony like the phenomenon of Yeonliji.


The exhibition <Yeonliji: Two Becoming One> presents contemporary jewelry representing the union of contrasting components such as man vs woman, tradition vs the contemporary, and ceremonies like weddings vs daily life. The exhibition introduces the reinterpreted traditional Norigae (female clothing ornament) and Garakji (rings) and explores how contemporary jewelry can pervade daily lives and be more approachable.


Moreover, the exhibition intends to portray harmony and balance amid the current society where conflicts and hostility are prevalent. The exhibition holds the hope of seeing an understanding society that embraces the differences just like with yeonliji, in which two trees merge into one while maintaining different roots.


The exhibition has two sections; <Norigae/Contemporary Jewelry: Ceremony and Daily Life> and <Couples’ Rings: Token of Promise>. In the first section, a series of transformable Norigae for both Hanbok (traditional Korean attire) and Western clothes, as well as accompanying costumes of the two styles, are displayed. Fifteen contemporary jewelry artists and two costume designers participate in this section. To allow a better understanding of the functions, some of the Norigae works are displayed on Hanbok while some of the transformed brooches or necklaces are displayed on Western style clothes. Section two contains unique couples’ rings, handmade watches, an installation, and ceramic artworks. A total of twenty-five contemporary jewelry artists, including those in the first section, and three non-jewelry artists participate in the second part.


Furthermore, a new music composition merging the Korean traditional and Western contemporary style accompanied by a complementary scent is implemented to help visitors immerse in the exhibition. Auditory, olfactory, and visual stimulants will help the audience awaken their artistic senses.


<Yeonliji: Two Becoming One> takes place at the building of Arumjigi, which coincides with the willingness to secure the beauty of traditional culture with the exhibition. I hope you also enjoy the venue that offers the harmony of a traditional Hanok (Korean traditional house) and contemporary architecture along with the exhibition.


I hope that the jewelry which express the Korean traditional aesthetic and sentiment in a contemporary manner will adorn your special days and complement the meaningful moment in your life.



December 2021

Chairwoman of Pureun Culture Foundation

Hae Won Koo


Seulgi Kwon | Shin-Ryeong Kim | Yeonkyung Kim | Heejoo Kim | Miran Park | Joo Hyung Park | Junmin Bae | Jahyun Rita Baek | Healim Shin | Jaesun Won | Youngim Lee | Ye-jee Lee | Jongseok Lim | Sowon Joo 


Watch: Kwanghun Hyun

Installation: Seung Wook Shim

Ceramics: Soojin Choi

Rings for Couples

Kyeok Kim | Soyoung Kim | Song Kim | Shin-Ryeong Kim | Yeonkyung Kim | Heejoo Kim | Miran Park | Joo Hyung Park | Jahyun Rita Baek | Yeseul Seo | Haesun Shin | Miwha Oh | Juyean Oh | Jaesun Won | Ahmi Yu | SohRi Yi | Leona Songhee Lee | SOOMI | Youngim Lee | Ye-jee Lee | Jongseok Lim | Soomin Jun | Sowon Joo | Donggyum Ji | Youngji Chi


Hanbok: The Dan 

Western Clothes: NOHKE

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