Founded in 2019, Jeannie H. Lee has opened Siat Gallery specializing in Korean contemporary arts and crafts. The concept of the gallery is to showcase various pop-up exhibitions all over the world, introducing a wide spectrum of  Korean contemporary arts and crafts never seen before. 

The name Siat Gallery is derived from a Korean word '씨앗' which means "seed". Although very small in its form, a seed carries the potential to grow into a tree, bloom flowers and bear fruits. Like its name, Siat Gallery aims to be the seed that sprouts and grows to offer original and creative Korean art to a wider public. 

이혜진 시현6.jpg

Biography of Jeannie H. Lee 

2018 – Federation of European Education in Gemmology (FEEG), Paris, France

            Certified European Gemmologist

2018 – Institut National de Gemmologie (ING), Paris, France

            Certified French Gemmologist

2017 – Ecole EAC, Paris, France

            Master 2, Luxury and Heritage Management 

2016 – Ecole EAC, Paris, France

            Master 1, Art, Culture, and Luxury Management

2013 – Rhode Island School of Design, RI, USA

            BFA in Jewelry + Metals