Founded in 2019, Jeannie H. Lee has opened Siat Gallery specializing in Korean contemporary arts and crafts. The concept of the gallery is to showcase various curated exhibitions all over the world, introducing a wide spectrum of  Korean contemporary arts and crafts never seen before. 

The name Siat Gallery is derived from a Korean word '씨앗' which means "seed". Although very small in its form, a seed carries the potential to grow into a tree, bloom flowers and bear fruits. Like its name, Siat Gallery aims to be the seed that sprouts and grows to offer original and creative Korean art to a wider public. 

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Biography of Jeannie H. Lee 

2018 – Federation of European Education in Gemmology (FEEG), Paris, France

            Certified European Gemmologist

2018 – Institut National de Gemmologie (ING), Paris, France

            Certified French Gemmologist

2017 – Ecole EAC, Paris, France

            Master 2, Luxury and Heritage Management 

2016 – Ecole EAC, Paris, France

            Master 1, Art, Culture, and Luxury Management

2013 – Rhode Island School of Design, RI, USA

            BFA in Jewelry + Metals